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Striking DHL workers in Pawtucket hit four-week mark



It has now been four weeks that DHLNH workers in Pawtucket, seeking better pay and affordable health care, have been on strike, as owner Phil Walker continues to employ scab replacements.

“We knew when we first met the employer, between the wage theft, between the unfair labor practice charges, between the lack of interest to come to the table and bargain in good faith,  that we would be out here on this day,” said Matthew Maini from Teamsters Local 251. DHLNH workers unionized on a 25-2 vote.

“We continue to build that union, and we continue to make it strong and powerful and mighty,” continued Maini. “All these Teamsters here have been out here on nothing. When I tell you nothing, they have nothing. We walked out the day of the strike and one of the drivers had 77 cents in his bank account because after he paid all his bills and hiss health care, he had nothing.

“We’re fighting against corporate greed. We’re fighting against a mentality that health care is a privilege. Health care is a right for all!”

In the video below you can watch Maini’s speech and see one of the U-Haul rental delivery vans scrape against the doorway of the garage as it enters the DHL warehouse.

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