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I returned a product and having a problem getting a refund from Dyson

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Posted May 2, 2024

User: I am having a problem getting a refund from Dyson

The Helping Hand: Could you please provide more details about the issue with your Dyson product? For instance, when did you purchase it, what is the specific problem with the product, and have you already contacted Dyson’s customer service? Also, have you checked the warranty terms, and do you have any documentation regarding your purchase and previous communications? This information will help me guide you on how to proceed with your refund request.

User: I returned a brand new vacuum cleaner and have a tracking confirmation that they received it on November 27, 2023. I’ve called them four times it’s been almost a month and I’m waiting on a $500 refund.

The Helping Hand: It’s important to document all your interactions with Dyson, including the calls you’ve made. If you haven’t yet, send a formal email or letter reiterating your request for a refund, including the tracking confirmation and any case numbers you received during your calls. If you’ve done this and there’s still no resolution, you may consider reaching out to the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit. You can file a complaint with them online at or by calling (401) 274-4400. They can assist in mediating disputes with businesses.

Would you like more information on how to file a complaint or assistance with drafting your communication to Dyson?

User: [Exited]

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