John Beauregard: I will make a motion to recall the vote on the Nike Resolution

John Beauregard

A press release from North Smithfield Town Council President John Beauregard:

“At the North Smithfield Town Council meeting this past Monday I proposed a resolution only ‘requesting’ Town departments refrain from doing business with Nike. I was a State Trooper for twenty-five years. This gives me a perspective that is unique from the general population. I did not expect that my attempt to make a simple non binding request to show a sign of respect for the men and women in law enforcement, especially those who have sacrificed their lives for our safety would be so grossly and incorrectly distorted and misrepresented. All anyone had to do to understand my position is take the time and watch the video of the council meeting. This resolution had nothing to do with race; it was about those who truly believed in something and sacrificed everything.

I called for a special meeting of the North Smithfield Town Council for Monday September 24th. At that meeting I will make a motion to recall the vote on the Nike Resolution. I am not doing this because my views on this subject have changed. I still feel as strongly about subject today as I did last Monday. I am only doing this because of the backlash to my town, the businesses in my Town, the schools and all the residents. I don’t want to drag anyone into my fight that did not chose to be in it.

The sheer hatred displayed in e-mails and on social media by many of those against this resolution gives me great concern for our future. If certain groups disagree with you they will begin a campaign of lies and character assassination regardless of the truth. This was not the case for everyone that disagreed with me and sent me messages and I appreciate their views and they way they expressed them. I also appreciate all the letters of support I received and I hope my doing this does not let them down.

This is not the first time I changed a vote I made and I am sure it will not be the last.


John A. Beauregard
North Smithfield Council President

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  1. Gee “hatred” for allowing your personal (and most definitely racist) views affect your community service and ultimately the town that you and your family call home. Who could have seen that coming? 🙄 Perhaps you proposed this “resolution” only to identify like minded racists on the committee to the rest of the state…? (That was sarcasm) You should all resign. You are serving no one but your own self interests.

    • LOL! Hey, I just got the new Stephen King book from my library and this book actually belongs to the East Smithfield Library. OMg! How could they own this book, written by a well educated man who SUPPORTS a black man’s bended knee protest against racist police violence against black bodies! OMg! How can they allow even a tiny bit of truth to exist within their own little racial bubble? Oh, that’s right. Most of us don’t have this scumbag’s ‘unique perspective’.

  2. He says it is not about race, but the entire issue is about race and how police in general treat people of color.

  3. Nike – the audacious Nike – this episode in Nike’s latest image peddling effort has to be the most classic example of “free market” capitalist cooptation of all time. “The Revolution will be televised”. After reading all the commentary sans critical analysis regarding Nike’s latest marketing ploy I was almost lead to believe my thoughts on the matter were original but even Dave Zirin has asked the burning question, “Will the Revolution be branded?” Nike is said to have an appalling record on labor rights. Beauragard, et al, should not get off so easily but what about Nike? I guess that’s what’s been holding The Revolution back all these decades since the Lewis Powell Memo, The Revolution has needed a brand all this time.

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