AG Kilmartin anticipates Rhode Island joining multi-state Net Neutrality lawsuit

Noting that “No lawsuit or petition has yet to be filed” against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the vote last week to reverse the Obama-era rules on Net Neutrality, Amy Kempe, public information officer for Attorney General Peter Kilmartin this morning confirmed that “it is anticipated that Rhode Island will join a coalition of States signing-on to a net neutrality lawsuit once it is filed.”

“Rhode Island is working with a group on states on this issue. That multi-state working group is being led by New York. The States are continuing to confer on this matter,” wrote Kempe in response to a query. “At this point, although the FCC has issued an oral decision, the process requires that the FCC issue a written decision and it is likely that a lawsuit will not occur before this written decision is issued. The time line for the FCC written decision is unknown but the states, including Rhode Island, are monitoring that timeline, coordinating efforts, and will act once a written decision is issued.”

An attorney in the Attorney General’s office has been assigned to the matter.

“Please be assured the issue of Net Neutrality is not and will not be overlooked by the Office,” wrote Kempe.

Kilmartin has been responding to the public’s concern over this issue on Twitter:

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