Right to Life wants you to vote for Dan McKee tomorrow

Daniel McKee

Rhode Island Right to Life is urging their members to vote for Dan McKee for Lieutenant Governor and against Aaron Regunberg in tomorrow’s Democratic Primary.

Craig O’Connor, treasurer of the Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island PAC, urged supporters of women’s reproductive rights to turn out in the primary to vote for Regunberg.

“Representative Regunberg was our first endorsement of this election cycle,” said O’Connor. “He’s been a champion for reproductive healthcare access in the legislature. Now that Right to Life is urging its anti-choice members to vote for Dan McKee, the difference in this race couldn’t be clearer. Aaron is the only candidate we can count on to stand up to Trump’s attacks and fight to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

“I’ve been engaged in the fight to protect reproductive rights for years, and I’ve never seen my opponent Dan McKee show up once,” said Regunberg in a statement. “Right to Life knows that – that’s why they’re backing him. But women across our state are standing up to demand reproductive justice, and as Lieutenant Governor I will do everything I can to back up these powerful voices by fighting to ensure all Rhode Islanders have access to the reproductive healthcare they need and deserve.”


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  1. This is such crap! McKee is pro-choice! I also don’t see anything on RI Right to Life’s website endorsing Mr McKee.

  2. It’s true that RI Right to Life said to vote for McKee. It is also true that McKee is indeed pro-choice. but Aaron Regunberg is committed to being a far more forceful ADVOCATE (not just supporter) of pro-choice legislation in our state. He is committed to taking active steps to preserve the rights articulated in Roe v Wade after Kavanaugh provides the 5th vote to overturn Roe or to so erode Roe that it is meaningless.

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