Striking DHL workers picket La Quinta Inn where their out-of-state replacements are staying

The DHLNH strike in Pawtucket has been going on for over four weeks now. Driver’s at the company receive around $12-13 an hour and the health care on offer is unaffordable. There are no pension of retirement benefits. DHL drivers doing similar work get $30 per hour with full benefits.

The company has brought in out-of-state delivery drivers, scabs, to replace the striking workers from Rhode Island. The company is paying for these workers to stay in the La Quinta Inn on Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick, so workers held an informational picket outside.

Striking DHLNH workers are asking people to tell La Quinta Inn not to help DHLNH steal jobs from Rhode Islanders.

“If you care about fair wages and benefits, you can help by asking replacement workers to go home,” say DHLNH workers.

DHLNH: 802-448-7225

DHL: 1-800-225-5345

La Quinta Inn: 401-941-6600


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