Abortion and Religion in Rhode Island Part 1: A Short Film

Video from the April 10, 2018 Rhode Island House Judiciary hearing on a set of bills concerning reproductive rights, including abortion.

Rhode Island is the birthplace of religious freedom.

See Part 2 here.


Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman
Rhode Island Representative Arthur Corvese
Tyler Rowley
Kara Russo

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  1. Excellent, Steve. Thank you for showing the real issues here in stark contrast and how a clergy person, a Jewish Rabbi, gets maligned by an anti-abortion zealot.

  2. Speaking as a Jew myself, this is hardly the first time that the words of our Jewish leaders have been twisted and maligned, misunderstood and (in the case of Corvese) co-opted for a purpose opposite their meaning. Nor is it remotely the first time a Jewish voice has been called radical and insane.

    This is anti-Semitism. It may not be the intentionally malicious or violent anti-Semitism of the KKK-Nazi type. It’s more the insidious anti-Semitism of the ignorant. But it is anti-Semitism. It’s the kind of anti-Semitism that condemns Jews for their beliefs while at the same time thinking that they are not anti-Semitic.

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