Rhode Island Political Cooperative Policy Platform

Rhode Island for All

Affordable Housing for All

  • Ensure that all working families in Rhode Island can afford housing
  • Extend the eviction moratorium throughout the pandemic
  • Implement a utility shutoff moratorium throughout the pandemic
  • Build 10,000 green affordable homes for working families
  • Implement statewide rent control to ensure that rent increases do not exceed 4% annually

Healthcare for All

  • Enact Medicare-for-All style universal healthcare
  • Ensure every RI resident has mental, dental, hearing, and vision care
  • Take on big pharma to make prescription drugs affordable
  • Protect reproductive freedom

Quality Education for All

  • Tax the rich to fund our schools, create smaller class sizes, and improve our school buildings
  • Ensure that all public school teachers earn at least $60,000 each year Green New Deal for All
  • Take on the fossil fuel industry to ensure clean air, clean water, and clean energy for all
  • Achieve 100% clean electricity by 2028 and net zero emissions by 2040 (first in the country)
  • Shut down corporate polluters in frontline communities with a just transition for workers
  • Preserve our natural resources, eliminate clearcutting, expand regenerative agriculture, and guarantee public access to our shoreline
  • Create thousands of good union jobs
  • Expand public transportation, electrify all buses, and make the bus free
  • Build 10,000 green, affordable homes for working families

Fair Economy for All

  • Help small businesses recover from the pandemic
  • Pass a $19 per hour minimum wage ($39,520 annually)

Equal Justice for All

  • Legalize cannabis
  • End mass incarceration
  • End cash bail
  • Ban for-profit prisons
  • Ensure police accountability
  • Invest funding in mental health services and drug overdose prevention
  • End family separations and provide drivers’ licenses to undocumented Rhode Islanders

Pandemic Protection for All

  • Vaccine requirement to enter public spaces including restaurants, bars, and stadiums (except for people with valid medical or religious reasons not to get vaccinated)
  • Implement a statewide mask mandate in public spaces
  • Expand paid sick leave

Democracy for All

  • End the influence of corporate lobbyist money
  • Enact public campaign financing
  • Make election day a statewide holiday
  • Repeal the voter ID law

Our Pledge:

  • No Corporate PAC Donations
  • No Corporate Lobbyist Donations
  • No Fossil Fuel Donations