Eighth Annual Heroes of Faith Awards a snapshot of religious advocacy in Rhode Island

Annye Raye Pitts
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The Eighth Annual Heroes of Faith Breakfast, organized by the Rhode Island State Council of Churches (RISCC), gave awards out to many Rhode Island faith leaders. The RISCC was started in 1937 and this year marks the 80th anniversary of the group. The event was emceed by Chontell Washington, president of the RISCC. Donald Anderson, executive minister for the RISCC, introduced the awardees and handed out the awards.

You can watch the video here:

The major awards given out were:

Interfaith Award: Dr. Wendy Ibrahim

Rev. Hebert W. Bolles Life Achievement Award: Sister Annye R. Pitts

Sister Ann Keefe Community and Faith Service Award: The Center for Reconciliation

Faith Leader of the Year Award: Rev. Linda Watkins

George Dickson Kenney Stewardship Award: Father George Kenney

Future of Faith Award: Rabbi Barry Dolinger

Congregational Award: First Unitarian Church of Providence

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Chontell Washington
Andrew L Foster III
Betsy Aldrich Garland
Donald Anderson
Wendy Ibrahim
Eugene McKenna
Annye Raye Pitts
First Unitarian Church of Providence
Barry Dolinger
Elon Cook
Linda Watkins
Delbert Leon Collins
Sarah Mack

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