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UpriseRI denied access to invite only ISO-New England event; ProJo, NPR okayed



I asked to cover the “Special Invitation Only Event with Gordon van Welie, ISO New England” as press, and was denied access by Peter Howe of Denterline, “an independent public relations agency that inspires and influences the people you care about most.”

Denterlein advertises itself saying, “We help organizations prepare for and weather crisis events that can damage even the most stalwart brands.” Like Invenergy, I suppose.

Here’s the email:

“Hi, Steve … Jim Leahy forwarded your email to me (we’re helping with press tomorrow).

“Thanks for asking, but it’s a by-invitation-only private event, and we’re inviting only non-partisan/non-activist outlets like the ProJo, NPR, etc. Thanks for understanding.


“Peter J. Howe | Senior Advisor”

Peter Howe

Calling the ProJo non-partisan on the issue of the power plant is frankly silly:

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Editorial: New England’s energy challenges

Editorial: Costly choices on energy

What New England Coalition for Affordable Energy and Rhode Islanders for Affordable Energy are trying to do is court friendly media.

Dave Anderson, from the Energy and Policy Institute writes, “The Energy and Policy Institute tried to RSVP for the event, but was told that space was limited to attendees “attached to one of the sponsoring organizations” by a representative of the Liberty Square Group.”

I’ll be covering the event with protesters outside.