Providence resident Kat Kerwin is taking on Terrance Hassett in the Democratic primary for the Ward 12 seat of the Providence City Council. Kerwin held a launch party at Skyline at Waterplace directly after the Women’s March on Saturday.

“I’ve been a student organizer, I’ve worked with community organizations to stop the scourge of gun violence, I’ve seen how important it is to see young and energetic voices in leadership roles,” said Kerwin. “And you know the cities that are [rated] the best places to live and are talked about and have the broadest appeal – they are places that don’t just market themselves to young people – they actively engage young people in civic life.

“They’re places where the community takes care of each other. They’re welcoming. They’re places where they make good on the promise of community and justice for everyone.

“And Providence can be one of the those places, and it will be.”

Kerwin was introduced by former City Falls City Councilor Stephanie Gonzalez, a co-chair with Emerge Rhode Island, a group that recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office. Gonzalez introduced Kerwin as a “bold progressive woman.”

“What a time to be a woman, said Gonzalez. “What a time to be a woman who is fearless and ready to grab her own damn chair and take a seat at her table.”

Providence City Councilor Sabina Matos (Ward 15) was at the launch party as well. She supports Kerwin over Hassett.

“The future is female,” Matos told me with a smile.

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