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DARE presents awards at annual brunch



Steve Ahlquist and Katherine Ahlquist

DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality) presented Steve Ahlquist, this reporter, an award for his journalism at the DARE Brunch on Saturday morning. Ahlquist attended the award ceremony with his wife Katherine Ahlquist.

Providence City Council Member Mary Kay Harris (Ward 11) was awarded for her years of work on behalf of DARE’s Tenant and Homemowners Association (THA).

“In addition to a long and invaluable history of organizing for social, political and economic justice, including over a decade as a staff member at DARE, Mary Kay Harris is willing to do what almost no other elected official is: Step out and protest with DARE, especially when we go after powerful people.”

The FANG Collective for its work this past March supporting DARE’s Behind the Walls action on 2017’s Day of Empathy.

“DARE is proud to continue to organize and learn in spaces with the FANG Collective through our work with AMOR and beyond.”

It was stellar company to be included with.

“Though we don’t often give awards to white guys,” said emcee Justice Gaines, “DARE’s membership, board and staff take this moment to recognize Steve Ahlquist for documenting the movement for ourselves, for our allies and for our partners. We don’t always have the dedicated resources to document our actions, but we always know we can count on Steve to be there with a video, photo and audio play by play of the events of the day and more. We know Steve will be there, even on days we only manage to turn out a few people to an action, and barely had enough time to notify the press, we know that Steve will roll through and hear our message and take it on to a bigger platform. Thank you for doing what you do. It is invaluable work to our movement and the movements of our allies, partners and the overall organizing geography in Rhode Island.”

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Receiving the award, Ahlquist said, “When I was younger, all I wanted to do was write comics, write stories about superheroes. Now, thanks to DARE and the people in this room, I get to do that everyday. You all inspire me. I am deeply honored by this, and where you lead, I will follow.”

Check out Rent Control for Providence to support DARE’s latest effort.

Mary Kay Harris

Sherry Andrade of The FANG Collective

Marcia Ranglin-Vasell and Sophia Wright

Justice Gaines

Jim Vincent, John Prince and Aaron Regunberg

Ana Quesada

Kat Kerwin and Nika Lomazzo

About the Author

Steve Ahlquist is Uprise RI's co-founder and lead reporter. He has covered human rights, social justice, progressive politics and environmental news for nearly a decade.