Protesters march from State House to Marriott in opposition to offshore drilling

Cindy Sabato
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After the Environment Council of Rhode Island (ECRI)’s press conference, Save the Bay organized a march from the Rhode Island State House, to the Marriott Hotel on Orms Street, where the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) was holding its public meeting to sell the idea of offshore drilling to the public. It was hard to get an accurate count of the marchers, but well over 100 made the trip, carrying signs and chanting, “No drills! No spills!”

The marchers arrived at the Marriott shortly after 4pm. At 5pm many entered the hotel itself for the People’s Hearing

Below is a video of Cindy Sabato, leading the crowd with a megaphone.

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Protesters march from State House to Marriott in opposition to offshore drilling

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  1. I’ll add that after the rally, instead of going on the march some of went to the House Finance Committee to speak for the proposed “Clean Economy Bond” which would help fund programs including clean water, dam safety, open space preservation, farmland protection, brownfield redevelopment, and bike path extensions.
    My part was to support the bikeways, which are now are poised to extend bike paths to central Woonsocket, Central Falls, Pawtucket, the north side of Newport, as well as new connections around Olneyville, in Warren, and to URI. This can help make safe, healthy, inexpensive transportation more widely available to many more people, as well as promote eco-tourism. I noted that an Oak Ridge study once found biking uses only about 1/52 the energy per mile traveled than going in a car, about 1/26 the energy of even taking a bus. Indeed its even 3 times more energy efficient than walking thanks to efficiency of rubber wheels on paved surfaces. Though that data is rather out of date I doubt the ratios changed much. I hope environmentalists will take note, its not enough to just oppose the horrible idea of drilling off our coast, we need to take steps to reduce the demand for oil, to do this it would help to promote energy efficient bicycling.

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