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Red Bandana Fund seeking nominees for annual social justice awards



The Red Bandana Fund seeks nominations for the Red Bandana Award, given annually since 2013 to a person or organization in the Rhode Island area that embodies the spirit and work of late organizer for peace and justice, Richard Walton.

Steve Graham, the Fund’s chair, notes, “This is the sixth year the Fund has given the award, so we’re in danger of becoming an institution, which makes us a little nervous. Still, it’s our job. We’re looking for those unsung heroes who stand up and make a difference.” The award will be presented on Sunday, June 3 at the 7th annual Red Bandana Celebration at the Fireman’s Memorial Hall in Providence. Last year’s award was presented to the Phil Edmonds and Omar Bah, for their wonderful work on immigration and inclusivity.

“Our work continues,” said Graham, “The onslaught of the Trump administration’s insensitivity to our country’s needs had made the Red Bandana Award– recognizing those who are speaking truth to power – all the more important. Here, in Rhode Island, we’re aware that the issues of gun violence, immigration, inequality, climate change and diversity are more important than ever. We’re trying to acknowledge the people who have done their work under the radar – because it’s the right thing to do, not because of anything else. It’s grassroots. That’s who we are.”

The nomination deadline is April 15. To submit a nomination, or for more information, email

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To honor those who work so tirelessly and selflessly, with so little recognition, on behalf of those who need it most.

Through the Red Bandana Fund, an annual financial award will be made to an organization or individual whose work best represents the ideals of peace and social justice that exemplify Richard’s life work.