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Jennifer Rourke to challenge Michael McCaffrey in Senate District 29



“After much thought and consideration, I am proud to announce that I am throwing my hat into the ring and announce that I am running for Senator of District 29 in the wonderful city of Warwick” wrote Jennifer Rourke. “My family and I want to help make this great city better and I promise to run a campaign built on honesty and integrity.”

Rourke is part of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, and sat on the Nominations Committee this past fall and winter.

Rourke will presumably be running against incumbent Michael McCaffrey, the Senate Majority Leader who has served in the Senate since 1995, in the Democratic Primary. On her campaign Facebook page, Rourke writes, “My dream as a little girl was to make a difference somehow in this world and that time is now. It is time for a change to the political status quo which continues to fight for people in high places rather than fight for the rest of us who live paycheck to paycheck.

“If your family is anything like mine, you are concerned with providing a better and safer environment for your family, financial stability and proper, affordable healthcare. I am here to fight for you. To fight for us.”

Rourke lists care for veterans, a $15 minimum wage and a single payer healthcare program among the issues she hopes to champion.

“During the next few months, I will be conducting meet and greets throughout the city so that we can meet and discuss any concerns that you may have in regards to the direction the State of Rhode Island is taking,” writes Rourke. “I hope to meet you all very soon.”

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