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Rhode Island Rep Mike Chippendale calls Parkland shooting survivor a ‘dummy’



Representative Michael Chippendale (Republican, District 40, Coventry, Foster Glocester) took to Twitter to call Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez a “dummy” Monday morning, responding to her tweet concerning the waffle house shooting hero, James Shaw Jr, who wrestled an assault weapon out of the hands of the shooter. Chippendale, elected in 2011, has an A rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“The local police say a man at the scene wrestled his gun away – looks like you don’t need to arm a teacher (or a resource officer) to stop a shooting. There goes the sales pitch for @SmithWessenCorp,” wrote Gonzalez on Sunday.

Early Monday morning, Representative Chippendale responded, also on Twitter, “But if he DID have a gun – the police still wouldn’t be searching for the gunman, and the entire region wouldn’t be on lockdown… dummy.”

Chippendale blocks me on Twitter, thank you to those who helped me confirm this story.

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Update: The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV) released the following statement on Twitter:

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