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Governor Raimondo teams with RI NOW in phone banking for the Reproductive Health Care Act and equal pay



Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo joined with The Woman Project and RI NOW (Rhode Island National Organization for Women at Sprout CoWorking to make calls for legislation currently working its way through the General Assembly related to contraception (H7625), equal pay, and the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA)(S2163/H7340).

Raimondo was introduced by Hilary Levey Friedman, President of RI NOW, who said, “It’s essential that Governor Raimondo is re-elected. We cannot let the Trump Administration into this state. But beyond that, [Governor Raimondo] has done such amazing things for our state already, and we want to see that progress continue.”

“Politicians need to hear the voice of the people,” said Raimondo, “and phone banks make a difference… We’ve got to get this legislation passed so that women are not discriminated against when they are hired, [so] people don’t ask about their salary background. Wage inequity, pay inequity, is a huge problem. My 13-year old daughter is like ‘I don’t get that Mom, why is that? It’s stupid.’

“Basic rights to contraception and [a] full range of reproductive health care have to be codified, let’s get it done this session. There are good bills up there, let’s see if we can get them across the finish line,” continued Raimondo. “And I agree with Hilary. The Trump Administration seems to be attacking women and values we care about on a daily basis. It means we have to be vigilant and we have to do more.”

Below you can watch all of Raimondo’s comments and see a few seconds of her phone banking.

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Gina Raimondo, Hilary Levey Friedman

Liz Gledhill, Gina Raimondo, Jordan Hevenor

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