Henrietta White-Holder and Linda Finn receive Red Bandana Awards

Henrietta White-Holder and Linda Finn
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Henrietta White-Holder and Linda Finn were honored at the sixth annual Red Bandana Award Celebration, held in memory of activist Richard Walton and all that he stood for.

Henrietta White-Holder is the founder & CEO of Higher Ground International, a culturally grounded inter-generational social service NGO that advocates and provides programs for West African Immigrants, Refugees and Marginalized Communities in Rhode Island and Rural Villages in Liberia, West Africa.

Linda Finn is the Board President of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence. She has bravely and tirelessly advocated for sensible gun laws in Rhode Island, and fashioned a coalition of people and groups that touches every part of Rhode Island. Her work has made Rhode Island safer for all of us.

Entertainment was provided by the Horse-Eyed Men and the Extraordinary Rendition Band.

Bill Harley emceed and presented the award to Linda Finn:

“When Sandy Hook happened and I got involved in the gun violence issue we formed a board because we needed to focus on Rhode Island because no one was focusing on the issue,” said Finn. “We didn’t get a lot done that first year. We tried… but the next year we came back and [State Representative] Edie Ajello… came up to me and she said, ‘You know what? Now they know you’re not going away. Now they know you’re going to keep going.'”

Red Bandana Board Chair Stephen Graham presented the award to Henrietta White-Holder.

“We have become a community, a world of people, who really doesn’t see the other,” said White-Holder. “What affects one isn’t my problem as long as it doesn’t affect me.” Watching the effects of war in Liberia, White-Holder said, “I couldn’t be part of the indifference. I had to step up…”

The Horse-Eyed Men:

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