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Andrew Maguire to run for Pawtucket City Council District 4, endorsed by Senator Calkin



AndrewDrewMaguire, candidate for Pawtucket City Council District 4, was excited to receive the Endorsement of Senator Jeanine Calkin (Democrat, District 30, Warwick). Senator Calkin who is one of the strongest progressive voices in the Rhode Island General Assembly came out in support of Maguire’s campaign, cementing Maguire as the progressive candidate in the race.

“I support Drew in his run for Pawtucket City Council because of his strong beliefs in protecting our environment, universal healthcare, and ending corporate welfare among many other reasons,” said Calkin in a statement. “I believe he will be a strong voice for the city of Pawtucket, and will help lead the city to a better and brighter future for its residents.”

Maguire came out strongly against the proposed Waste Transfer Station in Pawtucket, instead backing the use of solar panels for green energy. Maguire, whose childhood home was torn down by the airport, is a voice of caution on the Pawsox deal, seeking a middle road solution. Maguire is a strong supporter of universal healthcare and places the loss of Pawtucket’s Memorial Hospital squarely at the fault of for profit medicine.

Maguire worked with Calkin on Bernie Sanders’ campaign in Rhode Island, working as a staging location director and canvasser. Calkin and Maguire have discussed many issues since, including issues such as minimum wage and workers’ rights.

Maguire, who manages a warehouse, has worked all his life. Maguire started working as a cashier at the age of 14 to help support himself and his mom. He plans on bringing those working class ideals to the Pawtucket City Council.

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“My Mom is a German immigrant and raised me since I was 13 by herself,” said Maguire. “Separated from her family by an ocean, working two sometimes three jobs tirelessly. That’s not a unique story in Pawtucket. No person working 40 hours should have to struggle.”

[From a press release]