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Roselli ends race for governor, endorses Matt Brown, will run for vacant Senate District 23 seat



“In the six months I have been campaigning for Governor of Rhode Island one thing has become clear to myself and my campaign team. If Gina Raimondo wins the primary, Raimondo will lose the general election. Polling has already revealed our current Governor is one of the most unpopular incumbent Governors in the United States. The Governor compounds this unpopularity by spending time outside of the state meeting wealthy donors whose ideals are incompatible with the health and wellbeing of Rhode Islanders. Time and time again that office has put the interests of corporate friends ahead of the needs of the people the Governor was elected to represent.

“Let me be clear, Governor Raimondo cannot win in November. If Governor Raimondo is the nominee the only outcome will be a Republican win and she could also have a negative impact on down-ballot races for the general assembly. It is therefore imperative that the Democrats put forward an alternative candidate and in the interests of the party I am stepping aside from this race to give Matt Brown the best possible chance of winning the primary and thus giving the party the best chance of a win in the General Election.

“However, I do not intend to sit on the sidelines. I am therefore putting my name forward to enter the Democratic primary for the vacant Senate District 23 seat. I have a long record – nearly 20 years – of speaking up on behalf of residents in northwestern Rhode Island, of community representation, grassroots organizing and preserving our sense of place in our rural towns. I am well known to many people in Burrillville, Glocester and North Smithfield. Those involved in politics know me well. Those whose lives depend on clean drinking water, a healthy environment, know me well. I have appeared on their behalf for nearly 20 years in Rhode Island House and Senate hearing chambers helping to craft legislation that makes RI a better place to live. I have also taken the voices of the people of Northwestern Rhode Island all across the state appearing before town and city councils, community groups, non-profits and more about the benefits of a healthy environment, the hazards of fossil fuel use for electricity production, affordable health care, the need for high paying jobs and a robust sustainable economy, and a better educational system for our children and for us.

“I am running for Senate District 23 because we need a voice in the Senate to stand up to the state dolling out money to corporations while at the same time giving nothing to our small businesses. We need a voice who knows the difference between a health insurance program and affordable single payer health care. We need a voice to stand up to those who take away services from those who desperately need those services. We need a voice who will work towards the elimination of a fossil fuel power plant proposed for the middle of the woods in northwestern Rhode Island. I am that voice. I am that leader and I am very much looking forward to campaigning in senate district 23 and meeting my neighbors again over the coming months.”

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[From a press release]

Paul A. Roselli is an environmental activist, someone who pokes around the RI State House, a father of two, BS in Agriculture, MA in Education and a Master of Science graduate student at Bryant University.