Regunberg launches first video ad in the lieutenant governor race

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The race for lieutenant governor heated up today as Rhode Island State Representative Aaron Regunberg (Democrat, District 4, Providence) launched the first ad of the 2018 lieutenant gubernatorial campaign. Regunberg, who identifies as a progressive, is challenging incumbent Lieutenant Governor Daniel McKee.

The video, which will begin running on digital media platforms starting today, follows Kathy McCormick, a single mother who lost her job after experiencing domestic violence due to of a lack of paid sick and safe days. In the ad, Kathy describes how Regunberg brought her to the Rhode Island State House, helped her share her story, and won passage of legislation guaranteeing paid sick days for over 100,000 Rhode Island workers

“Kathy’s story shows that everyday Rhode Islanders can take on corporate special interests and win real change,” said Regunberg. “That’s what this campaign is about – elevating stories like Kathy’s and showing that it’s possible to bring the people’s voice to the State House.”

I covered one of McCormick’s visits to the State House here. At the time I wrote:

Kathy McCormick is a member of Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships (SOAR) talked about how working for a company with paid sick leave helped her escape from an abusive relationship. “When my abuser began stalking me, it became clear that keeping a job would be challenging if my employer didn’t have some flexible policies,” said McCormick. After she found a job, “The company’s sick time policy allowed me to take the time I needed for doctor’s appointments, particularly when I was pregnant with my son, but my boss’ commitment to allowing me the safe time I needed was critical to my survival and ability to ultimately get away from my abuser.”

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