Matt Brown out with new ad from company that produced Ocasio-Cortez spot

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“We can have a Rhode Island where every person can go to the doctor without fear of going broke, where we can lead the nation in renewable energy and return the profits to the people, where all Rhode Islanders can have jobs that pay, homes they can afford, and a future for their children,” says Matt Brown in a new video directed and produced by Means of Production, the creators of ads for progressive candidates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kaniela Ing. “All of this is possible. We only need the courage to act, and it starts now.”

“As soon as we heard Matt’s policy platform, with things like a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, creating a Public Bank, and having Rhode Island be 100 percent renewable we knew it was a campaign we wanted to get involved in. Matt is an example of how substantive policy resonates more with people than merely identity. Gina Raimondo is a Democrat who has used her identity as woman to shield herself from criticism about restricting access to women’s reproductive care, and cutting state programs that hurt children and families. Needless to say, Matt Brown is the only feminist in the race for governor of Rhode Island,” said Naomi Burton, Co-Creator of Means of Production. “It’s time we have a politics rooted in what you plan to provide for working class people and we’re thrilled to be working alongside Matt Brown and his incredible team.”

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  1. Really the woman governor is not a feminist? Matt Brown sticks up for working people? I call bullshit. How about working people who live in the state get to decide that. Governor Raimondo is endorsed by almost all major unions in the state of RI ! Workers support Raimondo!

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