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McKee to receive another $50,000 Super PAC help



A campaign finance report filed Thursday, August 30th with the Rhode Island Board of Elections revealed that incumbent Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee is set to receive an additional $50,000 in Super PAC spending from Stacy Schusterman, an oil and gas billionaire who serves as chair of the offshore drilling company Samson Energy. This funding comes in addition to $75,000 in spending from Wall Street millionaires Tony Davis and Andrew Boas.

“Like in 2014, Dan McKee’s out-of-state billionaire friends are pouring dark money into Rhode Island to advance their agendas,” said Aaron Regunberg, who is challenging McKee in the Democratic Primary on Wednesday, September 12. “It’s not surprising this offshore drilling billionaire is funneling profits she made from the climate crisis into a Super PAC to prop up McKee’s campaign – she knows Dan McKee will continue siding with corporate special interests over the working people of Rhode Island. I’m proud to run a campaign that doesn’t take money from corporate PACs or oil and gas companies – because unlike Dan McKee, we’re fighting for the people, not out-of-state special interests.”

These recent contributions were made to 50CAN Action Fund PAC, a Washington DC-based entity that funnels massive contributions from individuals into states, circumventing individual campaign finance limits in Rhode Island. The $50,000 contribution from Schusterman, in addition to $75,000 from Wall Street investors Davis and Boas, continues the trend of corporate backing for McKee, who in 2014 received nearly $150,000 in support from Alice Walton, heiress to the Walmart fortune, and Jonathan Sackler, director of Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin.

Regunberg’s campaign does not accept any donations from corporate PACs, the pharmaceutical industry, fossil fuel interests, or the gun lobby.

[From a press release]

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