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Video from the House District 66 forum



Three candidate forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Rhode Island and the East Bay Newspapers were held at Martin Middle School in East Providence Wednesday evening. Candidates for Senate District 14, House District 66 and Mayor of East Providence took to the stage and answered questions despite the high heat. Well over 150 people were in attendance.

In the audience but not debating were Senator William Conley Jr (Democrat, District 18, East Providence), Senator Cynthia Coyne (Democrat, District 32, Barrington), Representative Katherine Kazarian (Democrat, District 63, East Providence) and House District 64 candidate David O’Connell.


Video from the East Providence Mayoral Forum

Video from the Senate District 14 forum

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Video from the House District 66 forum

Democrats John Chung and Liana Cassar are running for the House District 66 (Barrington, East Providence), held by Joy Hearn since 2008. Hearne is not seeking re-election. The winner of the September 12 primary will most likely face Republican Rhonda Holmes in the general election.

Here’s the video:

John Chung’s opening statement:

Liana Cassar’s opening statement:

1. What skills or experiences do you have that make you a strong candidate to help solve our state’s problems?

2. Rhode Island suffers from a poor economy. What suggestions would you make to attract and keep businesses in Rhode Island?

3. What improvements do you support to make ownership of guns safer for the community?

4. What are some ways to help strengthen working women and families?

5. The Speaker of the House has huge power to move legislation, or not. It is the Speaker’s prerogative to prevent legislation from coming to a vote if he or she is against it. Do you see this as a problem and if so, what would you do about it?

6. Legislative grants amounting to more than $2 million were given out by legislators at their discretion this year. The grants are neither itemized in the budget nor vetted through the budget process. They are controlled by the House Speaker and Senate President. The Speaker gave over $200,000. Would you eliminate this practice? Why or why not?

John Chung’s closing statement:

Liana Cassar’s closing statement:

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