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Roselli pledges Eminent Domain for the Power Plant site



Paul Roselli, Democratic candidate for Rhode Island Senate District 23 says that if he is elected he will use his new role to stop the proposed new power plant in northwestern Rhode Island by insisting the state use eminent domain (the forced purchase of land) to safeguard the location for the environment.

“In recent times, eminent domain has been increasingly used to help corporate interests acquire land for profit,” said Roselli. “How about we use this tool to actually benefit communities instead? If elected I will use my position as a new senator to push through an eminent domain ruling so that the State sets aside this site to protect these precious natural resources in Rhode Island.”

Roselli is running on his strong ‘anti-power plant’ record, having made over 50 “Learn the Facts” presentations across New England to raise awareness of the social and environmental damage the power plant will cause. He has also submitted more than 200 papers and data reports and made more than 50 appearances at hearings of Rhode Island House / Senate & state agencies as well as making 42 presentations at city/town councils across Rhode Island. He has also attended over 100 meetings, planning sessions, forums & workshops with diverse organizations across the state to help build a statewide coalition against the ecologically disastrous scheme.

“Any candidate in District 23 can turn up and say they are against the power plant,” said Roselli. “However, I hope voters recognize that I am the candidate in the race who has done most to oppose the power plant and the one who will give our state the best chance of stopping it.”

Roselli has gained some significant endorsements over the last few weeks including Progressive Democrats Rhode Island, Rhode Island Working Families Party, Our Revolution Rhode Island, Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island PAC, Rhode Island NOW (National Organization of Women) PAC, Climate Action Rhode Island, Indivisible Rhode Island, Energize Rhode Island Climate Action PAC, Glocester Town Democratic Committee, The Rhode Island chapter of the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action Rhode Island. He has also been recognized as a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate of distinction and a STEM candidate.

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Roselli, who is involved in a competitive primary, is also working with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Brown – Roselli & Brown have endorsed each other’s campaigns and have already held a joint campaign event in Burrillville.

[From a press release]

Roselli’s Democrat opponent is Kevin Heitke, who is backed by the Chairman of Burrillville Town Democratic Committee, Stephen Mulcahey. Mulcahey voted for Gina Raimondo at the Rhode Island Democratic Convention in June.