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Groden Center educators still on strike – Day Two




“Behavior specialists and other support staff, who provide education and other services to children with Autism at the Groden Center strike for third day.  Unfortunately the Groden staff negotiating committee was not able to reach agreement with management – despite meeting on Friday, and the union offering to meet over the weekend or Monday in hopes of avoiding another strike.   Groden workers were also available to meet on the first two days of the strike, but management continues to refuse to meet.  Union members are willing and able to meet Thursday.

“Instead of agreeing to meet or responding to the Union’s most recent proposal, the Groden Center announced that it would close the schools for three days.  The bargaining committee of Groden staff is willing to sit down and negotiate at any time.”

There has been no movement in negotiations between Groden Center management and educators, so the strike continued on Wednesday. The Groden Center is a non-profit that serves students with Autism from around the region. Educators at the Groden Center schools in Providence and Coventry went on strike Tuesday in protest of management’s unfair labor practices, to demand safer classrooms for their students, and living wages for staff.


Groden Center educators on strike

Unfair labor practice strike at Groden Center in Providence

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