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New group, Citizens for a Corruption-Free RI, targeting Speaker Mattiello in upcoming election



Two of Rhode Island’s leading advocacy organizations, the Rhode Island National Organization for Women and the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV), are working together this election cycle to defeat House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. Their campaign is known as: Citizens for a Corruption-Free RI. The groups believe that Cranston voters are fed up with their current representation and his loyalty to big campaign donors and high paid lobbyists that results in the constant interference from passing legislation that would benefit the majority of Rhode Islanders.

“Rhode Islanders are tired of reading about corruption at the State House,” said Linda Finn, the CEO for the joint effort, and the President of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence. “Nicholas Mattiello has given powerful positions to dishonest politicians – many of whom are in jail or under investigation, like Ray Gallison and John Carnevale,” continued Finn.

Citing the Speaker’s failure to bring sexual harassment protections or extending the statute of limitations of childhood sex abuse as examples of how this culture of corruption gets in the way of common sense reforms, Finn continued, “We are frustrated that simple laws that would expand the rights of women and would help those that need it most to have closure in their lives are left behind because Mattiello favors his friends and close lobbyists. It’s time to send a message in Rhode Island – we are done with this kind of corrupt governing style.”

The Election on November 6 will determine the trajectory of the next two-year legislative session and we want the voters in House District 15 to truly understand that they can make it a positive path.

[From a press release]