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Young Democrats of Rhode Island PAC Announces 2018 General Election Endorsements



The Young Democrats of Rhode Island Political Action Committee (YDRI PAC) is proud to announce our 2018 general election endorsements.  “These candidates were selected based on their commitment to the values that young Rhode Islanders care about. They earned our endorsement because of their willingness to take a hard stand on the most pressing issues of our time. These values include: Fighting to reverse the effects of climate change through rapid expansion of our green energy economy; investing in our schools and teachers; fighting for a $15 living minimum wage; expanding protections for workers; standing strong for women’s right to choose, and ensuring every Rhode Islander has access to a high quality, affordable education, housing, and health care,” said YDRI PAC Chair Michael Beauregard.

Beauregard continued, “We were proud to have over 28 young democrats run for various statewide offices in RI and our members have volunteered for these candidates all election season. We helped to make a difference in a number of primary elections this year, and we intend to continue this critical work on November 6. If you’re a young voter wondering who to support and who shares your values in RI, consider these leaders.”

State Senate

SD 5 (Providence) – Sam Bell

SD 19 (Cumberland) – Ryan Pearson

RI House of Representatives

HD 30 (East Greenwich) – Justine Caldwell

Municipal Office

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L. Maria Rivera – Central Falls City Council At-Large

Angela McCalla – Newport Town Council, Ward 1

Andrew Kelly – Portsmouth Town Council At-Large

Daniela Abbott – Portsmouth Town Council At-Large

Additionally the following candidates were endorsed by YDRI PAC in its first round of 2018 endorsements during the primary election.

RI House of Representatives

HD 3 (Providence) – Moira Walsh

HD 4 (Providence) – Rebecca Kislak

HD 5 (Providence)  – Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

HD 12 (Providence) – Joseph Almeida

HD 34 (Narragansett, Peace Dale, Wakefield) – Teresa Tanzi

HD 41 (Coventry, Scituate) – Michael Steiner

HD 60 (Pawtucket) – Karen Alzate

HD 66 (Barrington, East Providence) – Liana Cassar

HD 68 (Bristol, Warren) – Laufton Ascencao

HD 69 (Bristol, Portsmouth) – Susan Donovan

HD 72 (Middletown, Portsmouth) – Terri Cortvriend

HD 74 (Jamestown, Middletown) – Deborah Ruggiero

State Senate

SD 9 (West Warwick) – Adam Satchell

SD 11 (Bristol, Portsmouth, Middletown) – Jim Seveney

SD 24 (Woonsocket, North Smithfield) – Melissa Murray

SD 28 (Cranston) – Joshua Miller

SD 32 (Barrington, Bristol, East Providence) – Cynthia Coyne

SD 34 (Charlestown, Richmond, Exeter, Hopkinton, West Greenwich) – Jennifer Douglas

SD 35 (East Greenwich, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett) – Bridget Valverde

Municipal Office

Jacob Brier – Barrington Town Council

Jessica Vega – Central Falls City Council Ward 5

Lammis Vargas – Cranston City Council Ward 1

John Donegan – Cranston City Council Ward 3

Stephen Tranghese – Cranston City Council Ward 6

Meghan Kallman – Pawtucket City Council Ward 5

Elena Vasquez  – Pawtucket City Council At-Large

Kat Kerwin – Providence City Council Ward 12

Rachel Miller – Providence City Council Ward 13

Jeremy Rix – Warwick City Council Ward 2

Roberto Moreno – Pawtucket School Committee

Stacey Elliott – North Kingstown Town Council At-Large

The Young Democrats of Rhode Island Political Action Committee is committed to electing young democrats to public office in Rhode Island and candidates who share our values.  To learn more about YDRI PAC or how you can get involved in electing young democrats at every level of public office in Rhode Island, see here.

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