From a press release:

Mayor Jorge Elorza today announced that former State Representative Aaron Regunberg will serve as Providence’s Senior Advisor on Policy, where he will collaborate with community partners to support cradle-to-career and universal pre-K education initiatives while advancing work related to equitable and affordable housing opportunities here in the city.

“Aaron has proved a committed advocate for critical issues impacting folks throughout Providence and the entire State of Rhode Island,” said Mayor Elorza. “I look forward to working with Aaron as we develop progressive and inclusive policies that make Providence a city that works for and invests in every single resident.”

Most recently, Regunberg served two terms as a State Representative for Rhode Island House District 4 from 2015 – 2019 during which he championed a progressive agenda that successfully guaranteed paid sick leave for over 100,000 Rhode Islanders, raised the state’s tipped minimum wage for the first time in two decades, secured online voter registration and expanded renewable energy programs, among other legislative accomplishments.

“I’m very excited to begin working with the Elorza Administration to advance bold progressive initiatives around affordable housing and universal pre-K. I have spent years fighting for these priorities at the state level and I am looking forward to bringing that passion to city government,” said Regunberg. “I believe deeply in the promise of Providence – that we can build a capital city that does right by all its residents and that is a shining star for our state. I am thankful to Mayor Elorza for his exciting vision and for providing this opportunity to continue the work that I love.”

A resident of Providence’s Mount Hope neighborhood, Regunberg earned a B.A. from Brown University, magna cum laude. In addition to his service as a State Representative, Regunberg previously served as the Founding Executive Director of the Providence Student Union, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the power of students in influencing education outcomes.

Regunberg will transition into his new role on Tuesday, January 15th and continue full-time with the Elorza Administration until he begins law school this fall.

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Edith Pilkington
Edith Pilkington

“Privatization limits public accountability. Multinational water corporations are primarily accountable to their stockholders, not to the people they serve. Loss of public input. Because water service is a natural monopoly that lacks a true market, consumers can exercise choice only at the ballot box through the election of the public officials who oversee their utility. They don’t have a vote in the corporate boardroom. With public ownership, residents can visit their elected officials and directly express their opinions about the operation of their water systems. If the officials fail to respond, the community can vote them out of office. The public lacks similar mechanisms to address their concerns with private utilities and appointed state regulators, and long-term complex contracts can tie the hands of local governments. Loss of transparency. Private operators usually restrict public access to information and do not have the same level of openness as the public sector.”… Read more »

Susan Susan

The city has much larger problems than possibly selling its water rights, which I hope won’t happen. We need key ppl with big brains, big hearts and big know-how. We need Aaron because he gets big things done. And, btw, we also need fewer progressives and semi-Dems eating their own.


Why no mention of how much he will be paid? Is this a position we need in a city ready to sell its water rights with the excuse being used that we’re so very cash strapped we have no alternatives? Couldn’t he find a summer job somewhere else?