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Governor Raimondo makes strong statement of support for reproductive rights in State of the State address



From a press release:

The Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom thanks Governor Gina Raimondo for calling on the Rhode Island General Assembly to pass the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) in 2019, saying in part, “Let’s pass legislation this year that codifies women’s access to reproductive health care in Rhode Island.” The RHCA would affirm the right to abortion in the state of Rhode Island and protect Rhode Islanders from attacks on our reproductive freedoms by President Trump his allies in Washington.

The Coalition believes every person should have the ability to make their own decision about when and how to build their family, manage their health, and plan their pregnancies, and Rhode Islanders agree. In fact, a poll conducted by the Providence Journal, The Public’s Radio, and ABC6 in October 2018 showed that 71 percent of Rhode Island voters support protecting the right to abortion and passing the Reproductive Health Care Act in 2019.

Governor Raimondo joins other Governors around the country, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, in calling for protections in their states around access to safe and legal abortion.

The confirmation of United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh adds to the real urgency we face here in Rhode Island and across the country. We must take action now to ensure that Rhode Islanders are able to manage their health, plan their families and control their futures, no matter what happens in the United States Supreme Court.

The Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom calls on the leadership of the General Assembly to listen to the clear majority of Rhode Islanders and bring the RHCA to the floor this session and advance this critical bill into law.

The Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (RICRF) is a coalition of organizations, working together to share resources, build strategies and coordinate efforts to connect reproductive freedom with social and economic justice. RICRF protects and advances access to reproductive health care through advocacy and legislative action.