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The Womxn Project: Momentum growing for the right to abortion in Rhode Island



From a press release:

The Womxn Project applauds the official introduction of the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA), which protects the right to abortion, into the Rhode Island House of Representatives. The introduction of this critical legislation comes on the heels of Governor Gina Raimondo’s call to codify Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court case affirming the right to abortion, during her “State of the State” address last night.

“Our governor used her address in front of the General Assembly to make it clear that she wants to see that no matter what happens at the federal level, we will protect the right to abortion in our state,” said Jocelyn Foye, Co-Director of The Womxn Project.

Last night, Representative Edith Ajello introduced House Bill 5127, the Reproductive Health Care Act with more sponsors than ever before. The House version of the RHCA has 39 co-sponsors, which means more than half are signed on in support of the bill.

“Rhode Island lawmakers have a responsibility to protect everyone’s freedom to make decisions about pregnancy and parenting by ensuring abortion rights and access. We are done waiting for our right to abortion to be taken away. More than 70 percent of voters want this and the women in our state need to know that when we need an abortion, we can get safe care,” said Foye.

Beyond securing the legal right to abortion, the introduction of the RHCA is a major step in affirming and expanding meaningful abortion access without barriers for all women and families in Rhode Island.

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“The Reproductive Health Care Act is not about politics: it’s about our health and our ability to control our own futures. The governor has been a leader in working to close gaps in access to reproductive healthcare. This bill would continue that important and powerful legacy by making sure that we are a state where we protect the right to access safe, legal abortion care,” said Jordan Hevenor, Co-Director of The Womxn Project.

The Womxn Project (TWP) is a non-profit organization in Rhode Island focused on building a strong, feminist, community-based movement to further human rights of Rhode Islanders by using art and activism to advance education and social change. TWP stirs social awareness and invites political action to inclusively further womxn’s rights through creative advocacy campaigns and collaborative art projects.