This includes the creation of a Bylaws Committee and an open and transparent process for making at-large appointments the the State Committee

Rhode Island Democratic Party (RIDP) Chair Joseph McNamara announced organizational changes ahead of the 2020 elections, which include the formation of a bylaws committee and an open and transparent process for making several at-large appointments to the Rhode Island Democratic State Committee.

“As we make our way towards the next election, I am convinced that we must get more organized and double down on the strategy that was responsible for much of our success in the last election,” said McNamara. “That means we have to look at everything we are doing and find ways to get better and we’ll be making sure Democrats from around the state have a seat at the table as we go through this process.”

The Bylaws Committee, which will looking at revising the party’s governing structure, will be appointed by Chairman McNamara and begin its work in June. All members of the State Committee will be notified later this week and will be able to express their desire to serve on this and the other standing committees of the State Committee.

Additionally, McNamara announced the process by which interested Democrats may seek an At-Large appointment to the State Committee. “It is important that our state party governing body is diverse and representative of the broad range of people and views that has made our party strong,” said McNamara. “I am committed to appointing people who share Democratic Party values across every neighborhood and every constituency group.”

The application period for At-Large Appointments will open on May 3rd. Interested parties should email a resume and cover letter to

Application deadline is May 17, 2019 at 4:30pm.

[From a press release]