Alex Kithes’s campaign for Woonsocket City Council hit a major milestone on Thursday, surpassing their $10,000 fundraising goal just three weeks into the race.

“I’ve been knocking doors for over two weeks,” said Kithes. “I’ve had really great conversations with voters around the city, and the response to my candidacy is more positive than I could have possibly imagined. People have donated or pledged a donation right on their doorstep. They’ve asked for yard signs, offered to canvass or stuff envelopes, and made it clear that they want to help the campaign however they can.

“It’s clear that the people of Woonsocket want change,” continued Kithes. “They want new representation in city government, someone with a forward-thinking vision, who will fight for the quality and livability of their futures.

“I’m in this race to win. I’m running this campaign very seriously, and will continue to knock doors and talk to voters until the polls close on Election Day.”

If more than two candidates declare, there will be a Primary Election on Tuesday, July 2. The General Election will take place on Tuesday, August 6.

[From a Press Release]