Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (Democrat), Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (Democrat), and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (Republican) held a meeting at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut on Tuesday. The meeting was described as an informal, private conversation to “discuss issues of regional importance to the three states, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, procurement and data sharing.”

After the meeting the three Governors held a press conference:

All three Governors talked about developing wind power off the coasts of their respective states, but no one talked about the needed elimination of fossil fuel infrastructure. Much of the discussion seemed to center around issues of transportation and rail.

The three Governors issued the following statement:

“Today’s meeting was the first of what we hope will be many productive conversations about areas of mutual interest and concern. As bordering states, it’s important to come together to discuss our ongoing transportation, energy procurement and data sharing needs.

“Collaboration around issues of regional importance will best serve the people of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and we look forward to meeting again.”

Gina Raimondo announced that she would host the next meeting of the three Governors in Providence, Rhode Island this Fall.

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