Anderson looks to unseat Senate Judicial Chair Erin Lynch Prata

Warwick resident and environmental activist Kendra Anderson announced her candidacy for Rhode Island Senate District 31. Anderson graduated from Hamilton College and works with English as a Second Language students in Central Falls. She is a single mother of an adult son.

A Providence native, Anderson spent over 20 years living in Bristol, before deciding to downsize and move to Warwick four years ago. For Anderson she fell in love with Warwick because of the “sense of community it has.” Since moving to Warwick she has been active in her neighborhood and has joined the Norwood Neighborhood Association.

Anderson decided to run for office after decades of fighting for the environment and other social justice issues. She feels that through her experience of working as a case manager with Head Start, as well as being a lifelong activist, she understands the inequities in our society that allow for the wealthy and well connected to get ahead and keep the majority of Rhode Islanders from striving and prospering.

“All my life I have fought for the critical issues our society has faced. In the early 70s as a young woman I fought for Roe v Wade, and now as an activist in the fight against climate change which will threaten the health and future of our children,” Anderson stated. “In the Senate, I will continue to fight for issues important to my district and help to make needed changes in our state.”

Anderson decided to run for office after seeing how no meaningful environmental laws were passed this session of the general assembly, and knew that more needed to be done.

“After the end of the last General Assembly Session I was frustrated and angry to see no meaningful environmental legislation passed both the Senate and House. This led me to the point where I knew more needed to be done to change the broken system on Smith Hill.”

Aside from teaching, Anderson has been a part of many pro environmental organizations including being a past president of Climate Action Rhode Island.

Anderson feels that her campaign will be a breath of fresh air for voters in the district, as she will fight for the issues most important to the people instead of corporations. “For far too long voters in my district have had very little or no choices when it came to choosing who to cast their ballots for,” Anderson said. “I am looking forward to running an issues based campaign that is truly about the people and the direction they want our state to go in.”

Anderson is planning on fighting against the establishment in the Rhode Island General Assembly as well as fighting for clean air and water, better schools, and economic stability, for all people in the district.

[From a press release]

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Anderson sounds like an excellent person, but readers should know that Sen Lynch-Prata is a hero to the pro-choice movement for being an effective committee chair who played a major role in actually getting pro-choice legislation passed despite Senate leadership, Ruggerio, Algiere, McCaffrey, being anti-choice. Too bad progressives don’t challenge the first two who are almost always unopposed. I’ll also say having sat thru many past Judiciary hearings where the public was disrespected, now observing Sen Lynch-Prata conduct hearings I was very favorably impressed. She made the public feel welcome, didn’t rush their testimony, even in cases such as a bill to give gay couples more rights to adopt kids, or as in the case for my wife and me, when we got to testify on a bill to permit assisted suicide in certain circumstances. This is welcome change. As for environmental legislation, a key is to influence or challenge… Read more »


I’m so with you on this. I agree with Anderson that we need to see more environmental legislation on the state level, but after her success with the RPA, Senator Lynch-Prata has proven herself to be unusually effective at getting legislation through in spite of the leadership’s hostility. We need people like her who are willing and able to maneuver through the leadership if we want to move the needle. There are people in positions of power in the RI Senate (Ruggerio, Algiere, McCaffrey, Goodwin, Lombardi, Ciccione, etc.—and I’ll drop Archambault into that list, too, as he shouldn’t get a pass just because he ended up voting for the RPA in the end) who very much need to be challenged and replaced. Lynch-Prata is one of the few who has shown that she can and will put the needs of her constituents and the state at large first, instead of… Read more »