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Statement from Senate District 6 Candidate, Tiara Mack, in response to RIDP’s new bylaws



“Our” state party owes it to all of us to include more diverse voices

“As an activist and educator, I have seen how the culture shift of showing diverse and empowered women in media is activating young people I have particularly seen women and gender non-conforming (GNC) folks use their voice in advocating for themselves, their communities, and for issues that they care about.

“The passage of these bylaws can only be explained as fear. Women, particularly women of color, have always been a threat to white supremacy and patriarchy. When we organize, when we build our power, the outdated structures and those in power feel themselves teetering off the edge of injustice. Their power is contingent upon silencing others and excluding diverse perspectives and voices. I refuse to be silent and I am excited to stand in solidarity with women, particularly black, brown, indigenous women and GNC folks, who are ready to disrupt this as well as other oppressive systems and run for office.

“I am running to disrupt the status quo and focus on the people, their stories, and their communities so as to create hope in a system meant to silence women, and people of color. We need, and deserve, a more diverse general assembly. I need your help to fund this grassroots movement.”

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About the Author

Tiara Mack is an educator, activist and 2020 candidate for RI State Senate District 6.