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Transfer station developer requests 60-day extension



The City Plan Commission will decide on extension at March 17 meeting

Allens Providence Recycling LLC, through their attorney John DeSimone Jr, the former Majority Leader in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, has requested a 60 day extension on their application to build a new transfer station on the corner of Allens Avenue and Thurbers Avenue in the Port of Providence, which will bring an estimated 188 diesel trucks in and out of the area every day, and is expected to bring large quantities of dust and exhaust to an area that is already the epicenter of asthma in Rhode Island.

John DeSimone

The Providence City Plan Commission (CPC) will rule on the extension at their March 17 meeting. Asked if the extension is likely to be granted, a spokesperson for the CPC could only say that no requests for extensions have been denied to applicants in the recent past. If the request is granted, their is little likelihood that the CPC board will allow the public the opportunity to speak on the project, even though under the Open Meetings Act, it would be allowed.

If the extension is denied, the public would be allowed to speak on the project as part of the due course of the meeting.

On Friday, March 13 from 3-5pm, there will be a protest against the transfer station at the corner of of Allens Avenue and Thurbers Avenue. See Facebook event here.

On Tuesday, March 17, the Providence City Planning Commission will hold their monthly meeting at 4:45pm in the 1st Floor Meeting Room of the Joseph Doorley Municipal Building at 444 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903.

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