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RI Political Co-op announces COVID-19 Response Plan and two new candidates



The RI Political Cooperative understands that in the midst of this global pandemic and the devastating toll it’s taking on our society and economy, a Green New Deal – centered on racial and economic justice – is more urgent than ever.

Today, the RI Political Cooperative released a sweeping Coronavirus Rescue and Recovery plan and announced that two new candidates have joined its roster to help fight for the proposal and its commitment to protecting all Rhode Islanders. The Co-op now has a total of nineteen candidates.

The Rescue and Recovery plan calls on the Rhode Island General Assembly to dramatically expand unemployment insurance by guaranteeing that every worker who loses their job receives 100 percent of their previous income, on a weekly basis, up to $75,000 a year. The plan also demands free testing and treatment for COVID-19, as well as hospital beds and ventilators.

The Co-op’s plan also calls for a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut-offs throughout the duration of the crisis. Finally, the plan calls for immediate legislation that would guarantee free food for everyone who cannot afford it, and free deliveries of food for anyone who cannot leave their home during the crisis.

The new candidates who have joined the Co-op, Megan Cotter and Miguel Torres, each launched their campaigns by discussing the urgent need for the General Assembly to implement the Co-op’s Rescue and Recovery plan.

“Coronavirus is revealing that some of the lowest paid workers are actually essential for our state and our economy. Home health aides, cashiers, grocery store workers, truck drivers – it’s clearer than ever how deeply we depend on them.” said Cotter, who is running in House District 39 against Justin Price. “I’m fighting to make sure that they finally get a living wage. We need a fair economy that works for all Rhode Islanders – and we need it now.”

Megan Cotter

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Torres, a current student at University of Rhode Island, also echoed the importance of a bold, ambitious response to the epidemic. “As the coronavirus crisis accelerates, Rhode Islanders across the state are wondering whether they’ll lose their jobs, how they’ll pay their bills, how they’ll afford healthcare, and whether they’ll be able to pay rent. I know how that feels because I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. We need people in the General Assembly who really understand the challenges that working families face, and who are willing to fight for them.” Torres is running in House District 38 against Brian Patrick Kennedy.

Miguel Torres

The Cooperative also announced that it has received endorsements from the Rhode Island chapters of Sunrise Movement and Our Revolution.

“The coronavirus is taking an absolutely devastating toll on our state’s public health and on our residents’ finances.” said Zakary Pereira of Our Revolution RI. “Unfortunately, the current leadership of the General Assembly has proven itself time and time again to be more concerned with catering to their wealthy donors than looking out for everyday Rhode Islanders. The Co-op understands how desperately our state needs real leaders – now more than ever – who actually represent the people, not just the super-rich and well-connected.”

Emma Bouton, a member of Sunrise Movement RI, added that the Co-op’s vision for a state-level Green New Deal will be critical as Rhode Island tackles the epidemic. “The RI Political Cooperative understands that in the midst of this global pandemic and the devastating toll it’s taking on our society and economy, a Green New Deal – centered on racial and economic justice – is more urgent than ever.”

The RI Political Cooperative is building a statewide grassroots movement to elect a government in 2020 that will work for the people of our state – not for corporations or the connected.