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Civil Rights

Democratic Socialists oppose Raimondo’s out-of-state license plate order



In the same statement the Providence DSA urged the Rhode Island General Assembly to re-convene

The Providence Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Has released a statement on the governor’s executive order regarding out-of-state license plates.

“Providence DSA opposes Governor Gina Raimondo’s new executive order that requires police to stop cars with out-of-state license plates. This order no longer targets New Yorkers, but it still asks police and the National Guard to collect the personal information of people entering the state – now just more of them. While we agree that the state should take strong measures to contain the virus, such as banning gatherings and closing businesses, we do not believe that invasive police interrogations should be expanded. Surveillance is dangerous to undocumented immigrants and it’s also a threat to the freedom of all citizens. History shows that when civil liberties are rolled back in times of crisis (like 9/11), they often do not return. Many governments around the world are now invoking emergency powers that violate the rights of their people. Rhode Island must not repeat the same mistakes.

“Instead of police dragnets and martial law, the state government should provide comprehensive health care and financial support to Rhode Islanders. So far, the General Assembly has refused to do anything to address this crisis – or even meet at all. Providence DSA calls on legislators to do their job and stand up for the working class during the pandemic. Read our plan to put people before profits and add your name here.”