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Paul Roselli declares candidacy for RI Senate District 23



This is a challenging time for all those in our district and our State. Our greatest challenges and opportunities lie ahead: dealing with the pandemic, health care, our economy, energy policy, the environment, the climate crisis and especially our sense of place. We need someone who has a strong voice in the State House and will represent the district to the full measure of what our district needs.

Burrillville resident and long time environmental advocate Paul Roselli formally declared his candidacy for Rhode Island Senate District 23. Senate district 23 comprises Burrillville, Glocester and one precinct in North Smithfield.

Over the last five years, Roselli, helped lead a fight against the destruction of the waters and forests in northern Rhode Island. “We won against a multi-national fracked gas power plant because we shared a common vision – our independent spirit and the very reason we moved here was being threatened.” said Roselli. “We don’t like being taken over by mega-corporations or well-paid international lobbying firms. Our strength is our common bonds of family, friendship and living with the land.

“Through my volunteer efforts and work and I have built a good solid reputation all over the State of someone who cares deeply about our future, jobs and the economy, our environment, transportation and the end of fossil fuels for the production of electricity.”

Because of COVID-19, there are candidates for the Rhode Island Senate promoting issues such as changes to health care, energy efficiency, against the destruction of natural resources and reducing tax burdens for individuals and small businesses. “If many of these candidates get elected the Rhode Island Senate will change dramatically. This district needs someone who will work with all those in the Senate and add voice to the chorus seeking change. I want to be that Senator,” Roselli said. 

“I look at all these issues with a holistic approach. Burrillville, Glocester and North Smithfield are places I know well as I have worked with many in the environmental and business community for many years. In these challenging times, we need a voice as today we don’t have one. We need someone who will bring unity while at the same time working to change the status quo. That is why I’m running for Senate District 23.”

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