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Maria Rivera earns endorsements from mayor and AG Neronha in Central Falls mayoral run



Today Central Falls mayoral candidate and City Council President Maria Rivera welcomed the campaign endorsement of Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha. This comes less than a week after announcing the endorsement of outgoing Central Falls Mayor James Diossa, who is term limited.

“I enthusiastically endorse Maria Rivera for Mayor of Central Falls. For all the years I’ve known her, Maria has fought for the people of her City with integrity and passion,” said Attorney General Neronha. “She is a creative problem solver, an inspirational leader, and she truly cares about people – her greatest strength. She will be an outstanding Mayor, just as she has been an outstanding Councilwoman. I am proud to support her, and look forward to continuing to work with her on behalf of the people of Central Falls.”

“While my term is nearing its end, progress in Central Falls needs to continue. That’s why I am proud to announce my endorsement of Council President Maria Rivera for Mayor,” said Mayor Diossa. “I have worked with Maria in my capacity as Mayor for four years, and she has proven to be an incredible partner who shares the same love for our amazing city. Maria is thoughtful and compassionate – she listens and takes action. She knows how to get things done, and I know that she will continue to improve our city with ideas and vision. Early on in my mayoral term, I spoke of shattering another glass ceiling in Central Falls by electing a woman, and I think Central Falls has found its next mayor in Maria Rivera.”

The top-vote getter in the 2018 election of all Central Falls City Council Candidates, Maria is currently the first female and Latinx Central Falls City Council President, a position she earned in just her second term as a council member.

Among her many accomplishments, Maria has prioritized the safety of her community during her term as City Council President, working closely with the police department to build a safer social environment through the introduction of Community Policing – helping law enforcement build a stronger bond with residents through a proactive partnership to identify and solve problems. She has worked closely with Mayor Diossa to bring important fiscal responsibility measures to Central Falls, like a revamped rainy-day fund and capital improvement fund, and important new economic opportunities, like the Conant Thread Train Station District and the first Affordable Housing Fund to build new homeownership and rental opportunities.

“With Attorney General Neronha’s endorsement and confidence in my leadership skills, I promise to continue to protect our residents and businesses, and find new ways to help them thrive,” said Rivera. “Attorney General Neronha has demonstrated his commitment daily to protecting Rhode Islanders from harm, and I look forward to working with him on ways to reduce racism in the criminal justice system, as well as strengthen the civil justice system and consumer rights. I will work hard to maintain an important relationship and line of communication with the Attorney General’s office on behalf of our Central Falls community.”

“Central Falls needs to keep moving forward with a focus on fiscal responsibility, jobs and the economy, stronger schools and a better quality of life,” said Rivera. With Mayor Diossa’s endorsement and trust in my leadership, I pledge to be a strong voice to fight to rebuild our middle class,” “I’ve lived in Central Falls for more than 25 years – this is my home – and I will do everything I can to represent the true needs and voices of our families and small businesses.”

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