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Residents of House District 7 call on candidate Subervi to report his campaign finances



The people of District 7 deserve a representative who is committed to transparency and that includes the basics, like filing your legally required campaign finance reports…

Residents of Rhode Island House District 7 (Providence) are calling on Angel Subervi, candidate for State Representative, to complete his legally required campaign finance report. The deadline for the “28 days before the primary election” campaign report was due on midnight of August 11th. Two days following that deadline, no report had been filed by Subervi’s campaign.

Subervi is engaged in a three-way primary that also includes incumbent Daniel McKiernan and progressive challenger David Morales. McKiernan was elected in 2015, knocking out Maria Cimini, and has been a close ally to Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello. Mattiello is also a financial supporter of McKiernan

Six residents of District 7 signed onto a press release calling on Subervi to release his campaign finance report.

“The people of District 7 deserve a representative who is committed to transparency and that includes the basics, like filing your legally required campaign finance reports,” said District 7 resident Karl Krusell. “As of today, Angel Subervi has not reported a single expense or contribution related to his campaign since filing for office on June 25th. Our neighborhood is tired of the backroom dealing and the corrupt culture on Smith Hill. We hope that Mr Subervi will submit his financial reports for the sake of transparency and provide the people of Mount Pleasant, Valley and Elmhurst with insight as to who his financial backers are. While our current State Representative is deeply embedded in the favor-trading, backroom dealing corruption of the Rhode Island State House, even he files his campaign finance reports on time.”

Subervi replied to an inquiry from UpriseRI, saying that he is “definitely still running.” Subervi further explained that, “My attorney and finance chairman Michael Tarro has a family death and is late in submitting my reports. He contacted the campaign finance division and told them of this. He will be submitting all the necessary documents shortly.”

Michael Tarro is a former State Representative. The Democratic Primary is Tuesday, September 8.

The press release was signed by:

Karl Krusell, District 7 Resident
Melanie Griffith, District 7 Resident
Myrta Ventura, District 7 Resident
Sally Jane Wilson, District 7 Resident
Gregory Smith, District 7 Resident
David Salzillo Jr, District 7 Resident

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