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It’s official: Regunberg announces for Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor



Aaron Regunberg

I am running for Lieutenant Governor to be an advocate for the people, a voice for all the families who can’t afford a lobbyist at the State House,” said State representative Aaron Regunberg (Democrat, District 4, Providence). “Rhode Islanders are independent, tough, hard-working, and willing to stand up for what’s right. And we deserve state leadership that reflects those values. Leadership that’s brave enough to take on a system we know is too often rigged in favor of the wealthy and the well-connected.”

Speaking to a crowd of 100 people at a boathouse in Warwick, not far from where, 245 years ago, Rhode Islanders burned the HMS Gaspee to the water, an event some think of as the beginnings of the American Revolution.

Regunberg is challenging incumbant Democrat Daniel Mckee for the position of Lieutenant Governor. McKee is expected to announce his intention to run for re-election next week, though he has floated the idea that he might make a run for governor.

Regunberg has been a state legislator for 3 years. In that time he has led campaigns to support working families, reform our criminal justice system, and expand renewable energy. He helped to pass the first increase to the tipped minimum wage in 20 years, he strengthened Rhode Island’s net metering program for wind and solar power, and he led the fight for earned sick time, which guaranteed paid sick days for over 100,000 Rhode Islanders who never before had that security.

“I’ve seen real change is possible,” Regunberg said. “But there’s so much more we must do. We can guarantee healthcare as a fundamental human right. We can rebuild our crumbling public schools, and make sure the top 1 percent pay their fair share. We can launch a Green New Deal and put thousands of Rhode Islanders to work expanding clean energy. And we can, and we will, stand up to protect a woman’s right to choose, no matter what happens in Washington. Let’s use the office of Lt Governor to make our voices heard in government. Let’s bring thousands of Rhode Islanders together and put the people’s priorities front and center so we can build a future that’s fair for all of us. There’s a lot to do – let’s get to work!”

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