Resist Hate RI needs you to serve on the Steering Committee


We’re looking to add 10 more people to the steering committee to fortify our numbers as we gear up for a big election year and replace some folks who will be leaving the steering committee this year.

Let us know if you’re interested here.

Read more about the process and timeline here.

Steering committee members:

  • Help determine the purpose and direction of Resist Hate Rhode Island (RHRI)
  • Meet regularly (currently twice a month) and speak regularly by email, text and phone
  • Plan fundraising efforts, put them into action and keep track of finances
  • Communicate with the membership via email, Facebook, and blog, and survey the membership
  • Communication with other organizations, and promoting those other organizations and their events
  • Plan educational meetings, community engagements and political actions with RHRI members
  • Run/participate in the Communications, Membership & Events and Administration committees

Let us know if you’re interested by February 28!

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Resist Hate RI brings Rhode Islanders together to fight for racial, economic, environmental and social justice, and against the Trump agenda. We provide a doorway to activism, community-building, education, and opportunities for collective action to combat systemic oppression.

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