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RI Dem Party Women’s caucus have the 60 members needed to force vote on DeLorenzo expulsion



The Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus has the votes to force an emergency meeting to decide the fate of 2nd Vice Chair Joseph DeLorenzo. All stateide elected officials as well as the federal delegation have signed on. The apology that the Rhode island Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello requested DeLorenzo deliver was not enough.

“As the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus stated previously, if the Rhode Island Democratic Party Chair would not remove Mr. Joseph DeLorenzo from his role as 2nd Vice Chair, we would call upon all state committee members to request an emergency meeting.

“Women’s Caucus members, and men who support the mission of our work, have contacted the members of the state committee. As of this evening, 60 members, including Governor Raimondo, Lt Governor McKee, Secretary of State Gorbea, General Treasurer Magaziner, Senator Whitehouse, Senator Reed, Congressman Cicilline, and Congressman Langevin have signed onto a letter requesting an emergency meeting. The Democratic Party’s bylaws state that when 60 members request an emergency meeting, the Chair must schedule one within 21 days. The Women’s Caucus would like to thank the hundreds of Democrats in our state who signed petitions and made phone calls to our party to say Mr. DeLorenzo’s disrespectful comments do not reflect the values of our party.”

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