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Oped: ProJo, your bias is showing



Dear Providence Journal and to whom it may concern,

This article (see: Editorial: No expert on R.I. energy) reads like someone in the pocket of fossil-fuel interests. I’m not saying that we aren’t using fossil-fuels to bridge the way forward, the problem there is when people think that means we need to invest in NEW fossil-fuel infrastructure, which loses sight of the long-term plans of transitioning to a modern electric grid shifted heavily towards newer, superior technologies (yes, renewable energies).

As a region we are well equipped to make the transition using our ample coastline for wind power and we have already seen success from solar energy growing at an exponential rate. People often overlook how an exponential curve works, but so far renewable energy continues to exceed expectations and we would be far better suited to refurbish the compressor station already in Burrillville and to fix and maintain current fossil fuel infrastructure, which can in turn be decommissioned on a proper timeline and even transformed to fit a more modern grid. In Massachusetts closed coal plants are switching to 100 percent solar power. The writing is on the wall.

Those that have followed this proposed power plant are aware of the constant misinformation and shady moves the company Invenergy uses, and know better than to listen to tired rhetoric about the pros of burning fossil fuels for energy. Again yes, though we need fossil fuels in the immediate, there is little to no validity in the assumption that we need a project like this; not to mention the location they are proposing to site this facility comes with endless concerns particularly from a company that can’t seem to properly handle the application and siting process.

ProJo, your bias shows again.

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Chris Quiray”

Chris Quiray is a solar professional who specializes in outreach and fundraising for non-profits and charities. His mission is to create a positive measurable impact and to progress the renewable energy movement. He is the founder of The Solar Guy, an online presence used to raise awareness and advocate for the switch to renewable energy sources.