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Uprise RI is a new  Rhode Island news site started by reporter Steve Ahlquist.

We will cover issues of social justice, human rights, progressive politics and climate change.

We are donation and advertiser based.

We are always looking for writers.

Contact Steve at atomicsteve@gmail.com

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  1. So proud to know you! I rely upon your excellent reporting to keep current on important issues. Everything else is either tripe or something my loudmouth kid tells me. Bon Voyage, Baby!

  2. Thanks so much for the information, insights and perspectives. Gives me hope that there are people out there doing the right thing!

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work! I was not able to go the the EP Mayoral debate, but I watched it on your site, where you broke it up question by question so I could look at the ones that were most important to me. It became really clear to me which candidate was the right one; I could not have gotten such a clear picture any other way.

  4. I support your press. Standard news sellers tell a climate story supporting conventional energy interests, while failing to report on possible remedies. The MA Clean Energy Future Act unanimously passed in the MA Senate in June 2018. The Speaker and MA House of Reps eviscerated it in July 2018. Neither state legislative action/inaction were reported by Boston Globe or NPR, only by headline news agency Masslive.com. Democracy, and our capacity to work on and resolve the climate emergency, is denied us by the monied-power brokers. Watch the Sierra Club documentary Reinventing Power. We can do this. Thanks Climate Action Rhode Island for your profound letter – it speaks for us all.

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