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Representative Joe Almeida – Shame on the Democratic Party



While I was disappointed my good friend Rhode Island Representative Moira Walsh didn’t receive the Rhode Island Democratic Party endorsement, I was upset it was given to a “Trump Democrat” named Mr Michael Earnheart. As Co-Chair of the Providence Delegation, it is my job to protect the interests of Providence, and this is certainly not in the interests of our beautiful city.

I fully endorse Moira for the Rhode Island State House based on her track record and leadership. She is exactly what our General Assembly needs especially at a time like this; someone willing to fight for Democratic values, and for a better state for all of us. We need more people with her integrity, and willingness to speak up for those without a voice.

I don’t agree with Moria on everything, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. She is my friend, and more importantly, a critical part of the General Assembly bringing a unique experience that I have learned to appreciate and respect.

However, unlike the individual that was endorsed, she is a lifelong Democrat. She supports many of the same liberal issues I support such as marijuana regulation, investment in our schools, reproductive rights, and an increased minimum wage. She has represented her district with compassion and dignity; always willing to help out or listen.

She has always supported our wonderful party and its leadership. She has stood by our party even if she disagreed with it on key issues. It is unfortunate that in return, she has been tossed aside in favor of an individual that has supported the most divisive President I have ever seen in my lifetime – Mr Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party should look to rectify this situation; no matter the pettiness at the local and state level, we must all admit that Mr Trump and the Republicans need to be defeated this coming November, and in 2020. We certainly should not be endorsing his surrogates for an office that will only empower people like Mr. Trump.

This is not the Democratic Party I know and love; shame on them.

About the Author

Joe Almeida was the Rhode Island State Representative for the 12th District representing South Side and Washington Park in Providence from 2012-2020.