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Nick Inglis: District 13 still has a race for State Representative post-Carnevale



With all of the focus on former State Representative John Carnevale and his ongoing legal drama, it’s easy to forget that there is still a State Representative race happening in District 13, Providence – one that won’t include Carnevale. The differences between the two remaining candidates in the Democratic primary couldn’t be starker.

The incumbent who took a special election after Carnevale’s ouster, Ramon Perez, doesn’t reflect the views or values of his community. He has brought porn browser tab screenshots into the State House and has allegedly behaved inappropriately towards his female colleagues. Perez’ voting record is light and his advocacy leaves a lot to be desired. District 13 deserves better.

The newcomer, Mario Méndez, has taken the endorsement of both Planned Parenthood and Moms Demand Action because of his commitment to a woman’s right to choose and his desire to ensure the safety of his community. He’s committed to making life better for the people of District 13 while focusing on jobs and education. He is a fresh face to politics but not to his community, where he has lived his entire life – lots of folks know him and know his values because they’ve watched him grow up in the community.

There is so much is at stake for the people of District 13 who deserve solid representation at the State House and an end to the seemingly endless drama provided by their previously elected leaders. Let’s get back to the issues, I hope the voters will be able to move past the past.

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