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Saudis may see consequences for the death of one journalist, but not for thousands of Yemenis



Last week, Senator Jack Reed called for a halt to the United States refueling of Saudi Arabian planes because of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. He spoke of the United States using its leverage in this case. Anti Endless War and Excessive Military Spending is glad that Senator Reed has called to a halt to refueling Saudi planes, since they have bombed civilian targets in Yemen continuously since 2014 and often follow up attacks on hospitals and market places with second attacks within an hour of the initial attacks, to kill first responders.

The United States receives no report on what the Saudis target and statistics on Saudi flights refueled are blended with statistics on United States planes in the region, giving the press and public no accounting of how many attacks the United States has aided, what targets are struck, or the consequences of these bombing runs

Given the continuous atrocities since March, we at Anti Endless War and Excessive Military Spending wonder why the death of one journalist has moved Senator Reed to want the United States to use leverage when the continuous deaths of thousands of Yemenis, by bomb, starvation and disease elicited no call for reducing our role in aiding Saudi atrocities.

[Photos are from Anti Endless War and Excessive Military Spending Wednesday, October 24 demonstration outside Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed’s Cranston office.]

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